Emergency Operation Plan Development

The firm’s Emergency Management staff has years of experience in developing Emergency Operations Plans. ERGSS’s staff is engaged in disaster response efforts around the world and through the experience and knowledge gleaned  can provide Emergency Operation Plans utilizing best practices and lessons learned from disaster responses involving manmade as well as natural disasters from a global perspective. ERGSS leverages its breadth and depth of subject matter experts to provide custom real world solutions to real world problems. ERGSS has been involved in developing Emergency Operations Plan at all levels from private corporations, local emergency management agencies, to writing and developing national level policy and procedures for the United States Government.

Emergency Operations Plan development begins with working with the client to determine the current risk through review of recent risk assessment data or the deployment of a cadre of subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive hazard vulnerability assessment.

The mission of ERGSS expert staff is to, with each and every planning initiative, provide a comprehensive, action oriented, safety focused, integrated, and realistic plan that provides immediate direction when a disaster occurs maximizing the effectiveness of available first response personnel and assets. When completed, the client will have a custom plan that addresses the unique issues and challenges facing a disaster response specific to their needs whether they are geographical, political, and/or asset availability.

In addition, ERGSS has worked with many organizations, in an advisory capacity, with the client based emergency management personnel to provide subject matter expertise and ensure there is a holistic approach taken in planning efforts. Again, ensuring a comprehensive, integrated, and realistic plan that ensure the safety of communities they serve as well as their first responders.