Personal Protection Officer / Body Guard

ERGSS is a licensed security contractor in the State of Texas offering Personal Protection Officer services statewide. ERGSS and their staff are committed to the idea one size does not fit all. Whether the client is need of a single personal protection specialist or an entire close protection detail ERGSS prides itself in putting together a custom team of professionals to meet the clients needs.

ERGSS provides custom services as dictated by the client and their identified needs whether it is a one day local event or an ongoing protective service corporate account. In order to customize services and ensure the client’s needs are met ERGSS begins each project with a security assessment. The assessment begins with a comprehensive review process including client interviews, threat assessments and when necessary will deploy an advanced team to preform an onsite vulnerability assessment. ERGSS believes in “doing their homework” to ensure a successful operation. Once the assessment has been completed, ERGSS works closely with the client to determine the best solution.

Once the custom approach has been determined and agreed upon, ERGSS works with its  highly trained and skilled professionals to develop the right team for the job. Each ERGSS personal protection specialist has an extensive background in Law Enforcement, Military, and/or Close Protection Security. In addition, each team member is hand pick by ERGSS’s expert personal protection staff has completed not only the State of Texas mandated training but has completed a rigorous internal training program as well. All internal training is provided by subject matter experts in their fields with a great deal of real world experience. Our training staff is comprised of Law Enforcement, Military, and Security experts that have performed operations around the world in some of the worlds most austere environments. Our internal training topics include but not limited to:

  • Professionalism
  • Customer service
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Use of force (both lethal and non lethal)
  • Criminal investigation
  • Threat assessment
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  • Pistol and Rifle training and competency testing
  • Driving
  • Cultural Diversity

Whether it is a single person protection detail or a close protection team, ERGSS will provide highly trained and skilled professionals to ensure you, your staff, or loved ones will make it to their destination on time and safely.

When services are provided to our client ERGSS brings to bear all of its resources as needed. Each personal protection officer keeps in contact with our nationwide Tactical Operations Center (TOC). This constant comm unication ensures immediate access to security experts while ensuring 24/7 accountability. Through the use of the Tactical Operations Center the team can be provided real time and up to date information regarding a change in the social and political environment or what is happening at an upcoming venue.

Regardless of how large or small the protective detail is ERGSS is sure they can provide an unmatched team of professionals to meet the demands of the today’s ever-changing challenges.