Incident Management

ERGSS is comprised of staff and a vast network of response professionals that have a great deal of real world experiences that allow for deployment of an incident management team to effectively mitigate today’s disasters. When called upon our staff can be onsite and operational within 24 hours CONUS is support of our clients. Many of our staff and consultants have responded to disasters that have occurred around the globe. These incidents include response to the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, and most recently ERGSS had several staff that were deployed in command level positions to assist in the Enbridge and British Petroleum Oil Spills.

  • In addition, our staff not only has a history of responding to large scale incidents but many currently hold positions in response organizations, state and federal, that are deployed to assist when disasters strike. Our staff is some of the best and responds with federal organizations to disasters worldwide such as:
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Disaster Medical Assistance Team
  • Urban Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Mortuary Assistance Teams
  • Incident Management Teams

All our incident Management staff has a vast background in the use of the Incident Command System and will immediately begin by working with the client to determine the response objectives that will be the focus of on the ground operations when deployed. This vast knowledge and use of the Incident Command Systems allows our team to integrate seamlessly into the areas emergency response system in support of our client’s mission. Once operational the team will begin working with the client to establish communications with our National Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and implement the incident planning process to ensure complete and efficient response operations. In addition, the contact to our TOC allows for immediate deployment of other ERGSS services such as security and contingency planning as well.

During a disaster our staff can be reached by contacting our National Tactical Operations Center, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to deploy an Incident Management Team. This team will respond to the clients location prepared to go to work regardless of the working conditions. Our staff responds with an interoperable communications system and takes there position as the liaison between o ur client and the local, state, and federal response agencies. Our staff works closely with response organizations on the ground to ensure the interest of our clients are served and protected. Our staff works closely with the media to ensure accurate and up to date information is disseminated to the public ensuring there is no misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the client’s operational status. With 24/7 contact to our National Tactical Operations Center our staff always has real time and up to date information to assist them in reducing the physical and financial impact to the client when they are affected by a disaster whether it be a natural or manmade disaster.

Whether it be the need for an Incident Management Team to respond to the client’s location to manage a natural or manmade disaster our staff stands ready to respond. For more information regarding how to become an Incident Management client please feel free to contact ERGSS at